We are always looking for the most efficient ways to construct any slipform related schemes. We have proven this with our deep shaft innovative and patented Slipform system.

Project Delivery Guarantee

We at Slipform Engineering strive to guarantee to deliver projects on time with the required quality no matter the size or complexity. We have a dedicated in-house pre-construction team who will review and reduce the on-site construction risk to allow for a successful project.

Safety & Sustainability

We have designed one of the safest and modern slipform systems in the world. We also keep sustainability in mind with all our innovation as we try to ensure that all our equipment be modular in use on either our standard system or our innovative patented systems.

Slipform Engineering is the only UK specialist, design and build, contractor delivering innovative slipform technologies.

Passionate about delivering a first class service to our Clients, our slipform equipment solution overcomes key challenges that prevail in this sector, whilst maximising quality and the safety of employees, Clients and the general public.

At the core of Slipform Engineering is a desire to challenge existing construction methodologies to provide safe and economical methods of working, enabling efficiencies made to be passed to our Clients.

Winners of Thames Tideway Sub-Contractor of the year in Health, Safety & Wellbeing at Rightway Awards 2023 – Read more here

Winners of two awards at the CN Specialists Awards 2020 – Read more here

NCE Tunnelling Festival 2021 Finalists

NCE TechFest Awards 2022 Finalists