Irvine EFW Bunker

2 months
Irvine, Scotland
Project Type
Bunker for waste energy facility, design and built using slipforming system
Wall length/thickness
227 linear meters, wall thickness between 300 and 650mm with 9no adjoining 1.5×1.0m columns 12m high
Wall Height

Slipform Engineering provided our client, Story, valued engineering solutions to meet their requirements. Once again, project was completed ahead of main construction programme, which we strive and successfully deliver each time. Slipform Engineering team has worked intensively in the pre-construction phase together with clients design team to develop the best possible build solution. We have developed key Slipform construction strategies for all eventualities and particular on this project we’ve introduced a new system for wall adaption/reduction in thickness, which was successfully executed. Slipform Engineering will continue finding a better solution for the build in the future projects as well.

2670m3 of concrete & 350t of reinforcement were used for the build.

Bunker walls were constructed in 16 consecutive 24h shifts, while concrete was only stopped for 40h to complete adaption.

Higher specification wall finish requirements from the client were met on this project, building successfully signed off and handed over to our client building owners.