Site specific Pre-construction works completed for all projects


Site Visits

Site visits as required to plan the works

Document Reviews

Full review of all structural drawings, specifications and reinforcement intent to enable to efficient production of a full suite of slipform rig designs, reinforcment detailing, TWD, RAMS and site logistics planning layouts tailored to each projects requirements and specifications

Risk Assessments

Comprehensive package of project specific RAMS produced and submitted for full review and approval prior to site access date

In-house Temporary Works Design

TWD / TWC for all other items of project specific temporary works to enable the slipformed structure to be completed efficiently


Obtain CAT2 and CAT3 check certificates as required for all the temporary works designs on the project and issue for acceptance in good time for the works to proceed on site as planned

Inspection, Test and Lifting Plans

Site specific ITP and lifting plans developed


We design a range of mixes that are proven to give a greater quality of surface finish and structural integrity. We have an in-house, dedicated concrete quality control manager to guarantee that the concrete arriving on-site is not just fit for purpose but reaches our high standards

Design & Management

Prefabricated reinforcement design and management works including the methodology to enable seamless incorporation into the slipform process

Reinforcement Detailing

Loose reinforcement detailing, modelling and design management works to ensure all reinforcment is detailed as required to suit the slipform process

Design Development

Liase with the structural engineers to advise and develop the designs for the reinforcement, embedment plates and other cast in items to facilitate efficient and practical incorporation into the slipform process to ensure there are no delays on site once the works commence

Rig Design & Management

Slipform rig design and design management to ensure a site specific slipform solution is achieved that take account of the constraints and different access and concrete pumping requirements on each project.

Client Liason

Liase with the client team to develop the most efficient plans for the crane scheme, slipform access logistics and the internal slabs access and construction logistics as required by the project

Off Site Pre-assembly

Slipform rig off site pre-assembly fully planned, organised and managed to ensure a prompt start on site and efficient slipform rig build period

Design Approval

Completed designs issued for approval and then the following management and incorporation of all approval comments by liasing between all parties involved in the process

Analysis & Testing

Concrete mixes developed in accordance with the site specification requirements which are then analysed and tested to ensure they are suitable for the planned rate of rise and for approval by the structural engineer

Thermal Plans

Concrete Thermal plans reports compiled and issued in accordance with the site specification

Programme Development

Plan the works in full and develop the detailed slipform pre-construction and construction programmes for acceptance

Resource Allocation

Plan and allocate the Slipform labour, plant and resources for the project

Progress Updates

Regular weekly site meetings with client and design teams to ensure smooth and efficient progress upto start date on site and then ongoing throughout the project to completion


Production of comprehensive QA Handover packs in line with the project specific ITP upon project completion incorporating all Pre and Post pour check records, progress photos, TW permits, comprehensive asbuilt drawings of all elements and cast ins, snagging records