Our Slipform Equipment Benefits


  • Solid Perimeter cladding means that there is no risk of rebar or similar breaking the perimeter and potentially falling from the slipform.
  • The solid cladding is 2m high from each deck and there is also an air/light band on the trailing and working deck. This band is made up of 10*10 mesh with a debris netted face.
  • Each screen is part of the rig components and is provided pre-fabricated. This is also adjustable in width, depending on the Yoke leg spacing, making the installation a quick process.


  • The rig lifts on a 6tonne jacking system that can have a stroke of 25mm. This allows us to keep tighter tolerances with the shorter stroke and also gives huge benefits to the surface finish. When the rig is only lifting 25mm, there is very little movement, this makes it easier for the rig driver to keep it plumb. The surface finish is smoother as there is less friction and risk of concrete sticking to the shutter face.


  • We have designed the system to allow the option of off-site pre-assembly. This provides programme benefits, as it can reduce normal, on-site build times by half. It is also very beneficial to sites with minimal lay down area, as each section delivered can be lifted directly from the wagon and dropped into its correct position on-site
  • Pre-assembly also allows off-site signing off of the delivery sections – this allows each section to be delivered with its own certificate that has been checked and approved.

Pre-installed Trailing Deck

  • Our system has been designed with site efficiency in mind and one major issue is the delay for the trailing deck installation. This has many issues, but the main two are the retaining of slipform labour while the trailing deck is being installed and also the delay for installation time.
  • We have designed our trailing deck to be installed while the slipform rig is being built. When the slipform commences and starts to climb our trailing deck remains on the ground until the correct height is reached. When the correct height is reached the trailing deck just continues with the slipform as one unit.
  • The screens can be installed 1m prior to the deck lifting off the ground, this gives plenty of time for the deck to be fully enclosed prior to leaving the ground.

Eco Friendly

  • We have designed this system to have as many reusable components as possible.
  • The cladding has been designed to be adjustable screens, which can be adapted to any site structure, square or radius.
  • All our platform decks can be constructed using aluminium beams instead of the timber option, reducing the need for timber consumables.