About Slipform Engineering

Slipform Engineering is the only UK specialist, design and build, contractor delivering innovative slipform project solutions – individually and as part of wider infrastructure developments.

Founded to bring the industry’s heavyweights together, we have brought their much sought-after knowledge and expertise in-house to drive the sector forward through technology and design innovation.

We have demonstrable experience in the delivery of slipform construction projects, ranging in value from £500k to £10m and have complete control over all aspects of our projects, while providing an economically competitive solution.

Passionate about delivering a first class service to our clients, our slipform equipment solution overcomes key challenges that prevail in this area, whilst maximising quality and the safety of employees, clients and the general public.

At the core of Slipform Engineering is a desire to push through existing construction methodologies to provide safe and economical methods of working, enabling efficiencies made to be passed to our clients.

With demonstrable experience in the delivery of slipform construction, we have applied lessons learned from past projects, and modern construction techniques, to develop a unique slipform equipment design solution.

The key elements of this innovative design are:


  • We have reduced component weights for the build process, therefore making it more user friendly for construction
  • We have designed the top deck to be constructed on the ground and lifted into position which removes the need for working at height
  • We have a solid perimeter cladding to a height of 2m on all platforms, therefore removing the risk of falling materials, or the perimeter being breached


  • We have re-designed our slipform equipment’s trailing deck to be installed prior to the slipform rig being built. This removes the need to stop for installation, thus reducing the slipform construction programme
  • Our slipform rig can be fully constructed off site and delivered pre-assembled to reduce site construction time
  • Our novel screen system clips into position making the cladding process quick, easy and much safer


  • We have incorporated a live Siemens measurement technique. This allows our client to view the slipform position live with all previous data recorded.
  • The system has a built in warning system that removes the risk of the slipform being constructed out of tolerance.
  • From this, we can provide up to date as-builds every hour.