KEMPF – Thames Tideway

6 months
Bermondsay London
Project Type
Design & delivery of a watertight secondary lining for the KEMPF shaft
Internal Diameter
Wall Length
63 linear meters with varying wall thickness of 850mm to 3m
Shaft Height

Slipform Engineering provided our client, CVB, value engineering solutions, to meet their requirements. This was achieved through close collaboration, design and construction of temporary works structures and Slipforming technologies to deliver a 20.05m diameter, 60m deep watertight secondary lining for the Kempf Shaft, forming part of the Thames Tideway development project.


  • Shaft consisted of 4800m3 of concrete & 1500t of reinforcement.
  • Shaft was constructed in 15 consecutive days & nights and average of 3.8m per 24h shift
  • Secondary lining included encased in concrete steel vortex tube 3m dia & 47m high.
  • Erected 5.3m dia angled Portal Eye falsework & formwork temporary works
  • 25ton Pre-cast unit were utilized to form new shape permanent soffit for new RC wall 50 meters above starting point.
  • The whole rig was designed to be suspended from 17 stand jack, which were supported on a bespoke grillage structure.
  • Grillage were designed to allow large pre-fabricated elements to be installed without any time loss in program.
  • 3 adaption were required to complete the project.