Stanhope House

T Vaughan Ltd

7 weeks with 10 weeks of hold points


Project Type
Fully inclusive labour, plant & slipform equipment including all management

Wall Length

Core Height

On this scheme we provided our fully inclusive (plug in) package. We included the following: Slipform management, engineering, banksmen, joiners, fixers, concreters, Slipform rig driver, Slipform equipment in it’s entirety inclusive of all decking, cladding, temporary power and all the small tools to complete the works. During the construction period we had 28 men each day and climbed at a rate of over 3m per day. There were embedment plates at each floor, to make sure that these were correctly installed at each floor we welded all of these in place to make sure that there was no movement. We had the challenge of 6m 32mm vertical reinforcement bar for the first 5 lifts, with each bar weighing 38kgs it was a 3 man job to install each vert. The core compromised of 3 lift shafts, a lobby and a stairwell. There was also 2 hold points on the core for the collapse radius of the crane, as Portsmouth rail station is in within the