One Le Pol

Glenform Ltd

5 weeks


Project Type

Wall Length
191 linear meters

Shaft Height

Slipform Engineering provided our client, value engineering solutions, to meet their exacting requirements. This was achieved through close collaboration, design and construction of temporary works structures and Slipforming technologies to deliver a 42m high RC element.

Entire RC Core contained 5 lift shafts, 2 stair cores & 2 service shafts with lobby area.

All internal Slipform formwork were pre-built off site and delivered to site as required to accelerate build time.

It took 10 days to install all formwork so complete the Slipform Rig.

12 days of pouring & 7 days to dismantle and demobilise from site.

Concrete placement via concrete skip & crane at 300mm layers per hour.

Every level contained 13 openings and 54m of Pull-out bar.

The Slipform rig had to be designed and built around temporary works shoring making this project particularly challenging.