Hull Biomass Silo Construction


4 weeks


Project Type
24/7 Slipform Working

Diameter tolerance
+- 10mm


At the Port of Hull rail load silo we overcame a two week programme delay, in our 4 week contract programme. This left us with two weeks to build, slide and dismantle the 41m structure. To overcome the initial project delay, we worked 24/7 from build, as this allowed us to complete the assembly in 4 x 12 hour shifts. Once we started the silo construction, it took nine days – including two days for the wall reduction – to complete. We completed our project on time due to our experienced slipform personnel and the re-design of an accelerated slipform mix. We faced additional challenges in the form of weather, but with our pre-planned wind strategy, we were able to avoid any wind delay. The silo construction was completed within the four week contract period and handed over for the inserting of the cone on week five and the tambourine on week six. The silo was completed with a diameter tolerance of +- 10mm to allow the cone to drop freely onto the internal shelf.