Drax Power Station, Biomass Silo Construction


7 days


Project Type
Slipform silo construction

Internal Diameter


This project involved the construction of two slipform silos, both of 30m in diameter and 15m in height. Due to poor ground conditions, the decision was taken to construct the silos by slipform construction. This solution provided massive programme savings, with works – from site delivery to site removal – completed within four weeks. The team worked seven days a week with the first slipform silo constructed in 52hours at a rate of rise of 3.5m per 12 hour shift. The top of the silo wall was constructed within 25mm, due to the installation of mechanical framework fitted to the top of the silo. Once the first silo was completed, the slipform rig was dismantled in 16 segments. Each segment was removed to a cleaning area and once cleaned it was lifted into position to commence works on the second silo base. The dismantle and re-assemble process from silo 1 to silo 2 took 7 days in total. The second silo was completed in 48hours, due to the repetition of the works from silo one. The project was completed within five weeks ahead of the nine weeks provided in the programme.