Lostock EFW Bunker


16 days


Project Type
3 sided bunker with Grab shaft and 20m high free standing columns

Wall Length

Core Height

We have worked intensively in the pre-construction phase of some major EFW Slipformed projects. We have developed key Slipform construction strategies for all eventualities of the construction phase. Two major issues are material deliveries and wind delays. With respect to materials delivery, we have assessed concrete and rebar as these are the key deliveries that can affect the smooth construction of the project. With regard to concrete delivery, we have developed a plant break down plan and truck breakdown plan along with late delivery of materials to the batching plant. Placement of concrete is also a big issue, if the concrete boom or static pump break down, then the rig cannot continue sliding. We have a mobile concrete pump on standby, on-site, fulltime, while the bunker is being Slipformed. If the concrete boom or pump break down, then the pump can continuum almost immediately. With the rebar we make sure that all rebar is cut and bent prior to construction of the bunker. We then store all the rebar on trailers off-site and call in when necessary. This reduces site clutter and removes any risk from manufacturing delays. These types of projects, when Slipformed, are highly labour intensive over a very short period of Slipform construction time. We have designed our system to make these projects more efficient by way of a pre-installed trailing deck, cassette installation for wall reductions and the ability to continue without the removal of wing wall formwork. All of these elements give our Slipform Rig an advantage commercially and programme wise, along with the elimination of safety concerns. We are, without doubt, best placed to manage the risk, due to our demonstrable slipform design and construct expertise, retained in-house.