Slipform Engineering is a design and build contractor delivering slipform construction solutions to silos or high rise buildings. Watch our video to find out more about us or if you’re interested in working with us, or have a general question, get in touch using the form the below.



Site Efficiency

With your site efficiency in mind, our trailing deck is installed during construction, which can be pre-assembled off-site to ensure no delay on your programme.

High Quality Surface Finish

Utilising a 6tonne jacking system, our equipment can have a lift of 25mm. This allows huge benefits to your surface finish without compromising the speed of the overall construction.

Guaranteed Safety

Our solid perimeter cladding ensures there is zero risk of any materials breaking through and falling from the rig, guaranteeing the safety of your site.

Experienced Team

Our experienced team control everything from in-house design to risk management to construction. We have our own equipment and do not hire out a third party’s.